In the scope of the project, three international events took place, which aimed at young people working on the field of alcohol to gather new knowledge and exchange experiences and good practices:

Training "Empowering Youth Organisations Working on the Field of Alcohol"
8th - 10th September 2014, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Around 50 young people from youth organisations across Europe gathered to attend the trainings »Training for Project Leaders on how to implement a specific evidence- based alcohol intervention programme«, »Training for trainers on how to conduct field studies« and »Training on alcohol advocacy and national consultations«.


2nd European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference
10th - 16th December 2014, Bursa, Turkey

After success of Amsterdam training, another training was organised where almost 150 people from EU and beyond came together in order to learn more on the topic of evidence based interventions in the field of alcohol, youth research on alcohol and law enforcement, and alcohol policy and lobbying.


Final Let it hAPYN Conference
12th - 16th May 2016, Bled, Slovenia

The final conference of the project took place in Slovenia, where around 80 young people, many of whom have been involved in the Let it hAPYN project throughout its duration, gathered in order to present the results of the projects and discuss the road ahead.


In the project we also trained project leaders and trainers on several topics:
Report on the Training for project leaders and implementation of field studies
Report on Training for trainers on how to conduct field studies on alcohol