The Alcohol Policy Youth Network (APYN) is calling on seven national partners to carry out a one-day national consultation process on alcohol and youth. Topics will cover the main policy alcohol policy fields that can be found on Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity. Priority will be given to APYN member organizations with a good outreach to young people and decision makers and previous good practice on consultation among young people on health related topics. However, this is not a necessary condition for application. Only European Union + EFTA countries are eligible for funding.

The purpose of these national consultation is to collect views by young people and youth organizations of the field of alcohol policy.

A selected partner will be mentored by APYN staff through a standard process within the Let it hAPYN partnership that consists of:
  • Organizing a full day event (9.00 – 16.00) with one coffee/ tea break and lunch,
  • Collecting at least 200 existing survey responses on alcohol strategy among young people in the respective country,
  • Being able to showcase good practices on alcohol prevention from local, regional or national level,
  • Assuring national or regional key note speakers on the alcohol topic,
  • Assuring a competent young facilitator,
  • Assuring at least 30 young participants equally distributed between the age of 18 and 35 to be actively participating for the entire event,
  • Facilitating the preparation of the final statement of the national consultation in maximum 14 days after the physical consultation,
  • Assuring active participants,
  • Assuring the implementation of the one day consultation between 25th January and 25th April 2016,
  • Being available to deliver the conclusions on the consultations during the 3rd European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference in Slovenia between 12th and 16th May 2016.
APYN is able to refund costs up to 500,00 euros with maximum 60% co-financing.

Please send your application no later than by 11th January 2016 over email to with references that confirm your capacity and experience in organizing similar events.

You can find the application on this link.