Boost my project idea

1.     Are you a youth organization/ organization for youth and interested in implementing any of the following three activities in your community?

*Evidence-based alcohol intervention to prevent or reduce alcohol related harm*

*Field study to support law enforcement of existing alcohol policies*

*National consultation on alcohol policy in your country and Europe*

2.     Do you already have a strong partnership of youth organizations or collaborate with the national authorities or experts on public health?

3.     Do you have time and motivation to invest six months into helping to shape a program or activity to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm?

Than you are the right organization to join us on this exciting ride to *Boost your project idea* to the level that will actually work, bring back positive results to the community or help to present the view of youth on the alcohol topic! If you have a national coalition that would carry out all three presented things, then it's even better! :D

Call details:

The Open Call is implemented within the frames of the Let it hAPYN project (; LiH) that is supported by the European Commission's 2nd Health Programme and the Slovenian Ministry of Health.

The Goal of the Open Call and the project LiH itself are to:

  • Raise awareness about evidence-based interventions in youth organizations (YO) and organizations for youth ( OY) about alcohol-related harm in Europe;
  • Stimulate YO and OY to engage on evidence-based projects in their respective environments;
  • Test identified promising/ best practices in the previous stages of the LiH project within different youth stakeholders;
  • Provide guidance to YO and OY in order to become effective players in preventing and reducing the alcohol-related harm.

The Open Call will support up to 7 interventions on each of the following fields:

  • Evidence-based alcohol intervention to prevent or reduce alcohol-related harm,
  • Field study to support law enforcement of existing alcohol policies, and
  • National consultation on existing alcohol policies.

The project in selected YO and OY will last exactly 6 months and will include all stages of the project – planning, implementation, evaluation (both process and impact). During the project in each YO and OY, a mentor from the LiH project will be assigned to each selected country that will guide the youth leaders through all stages of the project.

A sum of up to 500,00 euros will be granted to the selected organizations in order to facilitate the implementation of the activity. Coalitions of organizations can be granted up to 1.500,00 euros.

To apply, please follow this link, while for more information, please contact us anytime to

Timeline of the project:

  • 15th December 2014: Open Call is launched
  • 15th January 2015: Deadline for applications
  • 31st January 2015: Results are announced
  • 1st March - 31st May 2015: BIlateral talks and pre-boosting 
  • 1st June 2015: Potential start of projects (exactly 6 months long)
  • 30th November 2015: Latest conclusion of the project
Report of National training courses on how to conduct field studies on alcohol
For anyone interested in the next occurences of the boost my project idea, you can contact us here.